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Tax Advisor in Benin

Tax Consulting Service in Benin

Keeping your company in good standing

Planning to start (or takeover) a company in Benin, but not certain about the tax consequences?

Our Benin Tax & Accounting advisors help businesses of any size in Benin, to deal with administrative requirements, and to structure their company. We provide income tax consulting, accounting, and tax advisor. 

Whether you are a Sole Proprietorship based in Benin or multinational owning multiple subsidiaries throughout the world, Kafui & Partners can provide your firm with a wide range of administrative and tax consulting, at fixed and competitive fees. 
Kafui & Partners has been involved in numerous cases by foreign investors and companies, to enter the Beninese market, and Kafui & Partners has experience in all kinds of industries and corporate structures. 

Kafui & Partners works with the latest innovative (online) accounting tools, allowing our customer's full insights in their financial position while reducing the time and costs involved to maintain your administration and file your tax declarations!

Our tax consulting team can advise you on tax considerations like tax consulting, accounting, and income tax consulting and such as whether to start a branch or subsidiary, what filing requirements to consider, which tax incentives are available and much more!

Why Benin Tax & Accounting Support is important

Before you start your company in Benin, it’s advised to have a good understanding of the Benin tax laws and the administrative requirements.

Kafui & Partners is specialized in dealing with Global Entrepreneurs & Companies, and their tax affairs. Setting up a company in Benin might save you taxes, for example in case you currently operate in a high-tax country. However, if you do not carefully deal with your tax affairs, you might even pay taxes twice! (for example, when a tax treaty is not in place). 

Global entrepreneurship brings along risks, also on a tax level. Even if your business does not focus on tax savings at all, it’s important to have full oversight of the Benin tax system. 
Each company in Benin should consider:
•    If the company is taxable in Benin in the first place;
•    How to file VAT returns;
•    How to deal with purchases and sales;
•    How and when to file the company’s financial statements;
•    The tax requirements involved in appointing staff members (and/or the appointment of a shareholder as director);
•    The tax treatment of incoming and outgoing dividends;
•    Invoice requirements.

Kafui & Partners helps you to consider these matters, during the incorporation phase, without any extra charge! We can draft you a Tax Compliance timeline, get in touch to discuss our tax advisor, accounting and tax consulting and other possibilities. 

Besides creating a timeline, Kafui & Partners can prepare a Legal Opinion or a Tax Memorandum to cover your specific tax situation and questions. We can provide you with a quote for such a report, based on the complexity of your case.

Once your company has been set up in Benin, we can assist you during every milestone, and perform the administrative duties of the company. A very important milestone for most new companies in Benin is to obtain a Benin tax ID and to file its first tax declaration. Our tax administration services will get you full support, at a fixed fee. 

As a global entrepreneur, you should not underestimate the complexity of understanding a new tax system. Although the internet provides a lot of information, and online accounting tools can be very convenient. When it comes to taxes, the devil is in the details. 
Such details can lead to a lot of extra work, or even penalties, or lengthy tax audits. By appointing Kafui & Partners as your administrative partner and make use of our tax consulting and accounting and tax advisor, you avoid such scenarios, so you can focus on your business! 

Get in touch with us !

Ready to discuss your needs and thoughts? Contact us and our team will be ready to assist you in your journey to Benin.

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