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Our Services

Kafui & Partners are dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective services to individuals and businesses throughout West Africa.


Our assistance covers to the following areas :

Corporate Law


We assist clients on corporate law matters including branch/company incorporation, M&A, joint ventures, restructuring, corporate governance and regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on complex cross-border transactions.  Our integrated team includes experts in antitrust/ competition law, funds and investment management, insurance, private equity and public policy.



Real Estate


With an excellent mastery of West African countries' land and property laws and an unparalleled ability to deliver complex deals, our dedicated experts handle the entire property 'life-cycle' from the initial acquisition, development, leasing and financing through to the final exit.



Investigation Services


Good investors, commercial companies, and business people know that outsourcing strategic research and information-gathering to a local partner is the smart move, no matter what type of opportunity they are looking for. Our work is done within the confines of the law, so documentation and evidence that is gathered can be used in court, mediation, or negotiations.



Tax Optimization

Our experience in personal and business tax is designed to avoid disputes arising, however, we are often called upon to advise when, or even after, various schemes or transactions have been completed and issues with the local authorities have arisen. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to assist in delivering commercial objectives.


Debt Collection

Our dedicated network of advisors and debt recovery experts take a global view of every matter, and sift through all the commercial and legal implications. They handle amicable negotiations, potential litigation, arbitration, regulatory and mediation in order to collect the money owned by your creditors.   


Dispute Resolution

Our network of lawyers covers the whole spectrum of dispute resolution work including national court litigation and alternative mechanisms, including aritration and mediation. We assist individuals, traders, leading financial institutions, corporations, governments and supranational organisations across West Africa.


Mergers & Acquisitions


We provide competition lawyers to large multinational corporations and business associations on specific competition law matters. Our selected law firrms handle major antitrust litigation matters (cartels, abuses of dominant positions, state aid, damage and indemnity claims) before West African courts.




The breadth and depth of our practice permits us to handle all labor and employment needs, including serving as lead trial counsel in complex, high exposure matters, arguing appeals, as well as handling complex collective bargaining.


Due Diligence


We provide legal and tax experts to assist on all aspects of local and cross-border transactions. We conduct comprehensive appraisals of the business undertaken by prospective buyers, in order to assess the targeted assets as well as related liabilities and evaluate the potential of a deal.


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