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When you start or run a business in Burkina Faso, you are probably in need of legal help. Our network of Burkina Faso lawyers can assist you with legal matters from drafting a formation deed, to obtaining immigration advice. 
Our network of lawyers in Burkina Faso provides full legal help and support to global entrepreneurs, investors or high net worth individuals.  

Our Burkina Faso network of lawyers are fully up to date with the latest legislative developments and the different forms of interpretation for the legal norms and regulations in Burkina Faso.

Members of our Network have helped over numerous entrepreneurs, to set up companies across West Africa. Our team has primarily focused on Burkina Faso laws, as well as the OHADA and International Law that might be relevant for our clients doing business in Burkina Faso. 

If you are planning to set up, run, or relocate your business (or its staff members) to Burkina Faso, then Kafui & Partners will be your trusted legal partner.

Our Legal assistance in Burkina Faso

Each company type and its Burkina Faso legal requirements are unique. However, over the years, we have seen certain trends among our clients, and Kafui & Partners has shaped the services below to deal with the typical requests of global entrepreneurs and multinationals expanding to the Burkina Faso market: 

•    Corporate Law: Our partner corporate lawyers can assist with any corporate matter before or after incorporation, and provide high standard legal advice;

•    Litigation: Lawyers from our network legally represent your business and assist our clients who are involved in lawsuits;

•    Burkina Faso tax advice and tax consultancy: Inform on tax compliance, and tax regulations. Providing tax planning services to minimize tax liabilities, or apply for a Tax ID (such as VAT registration in Burkina Faso) or Tax Rulings (such as on Transfer Pricing);

•    Company registration in Burkina Faso: Drafting shareholders agreements, formation deeds, and other corporate documents;

•    Burkina Faso Employment regulations and labor law: how to draft a Burkina Faso employment contract (consider the rights of the employees, and liabilities of employers), using non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and resolving employee disputes;

•    International Legal Services for Trading Companies:  Legal help for companies in the trade sector, our Burkina Faso lawyers can help with import and export regulations, customs affairs, international trademark, import certificates, and much more;

•    Buying land and real estate in Burkina Faso: Our Burkina Faso land and real estate lawyers represent clients who are planning to invest in land or property in Burkina Faso or who are involved in real estate litigation.

Our Legal Services in Burkina Faso​

Why you should use a Burkina Faso lawyer

Before you set up your Burkina Faso company or employ/relocate staff members it is advised to have a good understanding of the Burkina Faso company laws, and the legal consequences. 

Our network of Burkina Faso lawyers and legal consultants have experience in dealing with Burkina Faso both start-ups and established companies.  Kafui & Partners works in collaboration with reputable lawyers in Burkina Faso, and our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide simple solutions, for fixed fees and without hidden (hourly) charges.

Our Burkina Faso services are aimed to add value for your business and to ensure that your business grows safely, without having to focus on the legal gaps or waste money on endless reports. We focus on the problems that matter and tackle them with a practical approach.
In the first instance our experts are focussed on improving our core formation and company officer services, and to ensure that we can provide you with legal help as part of our standard services, without extra charges. 

However, every entrepreneur has to deal with unexpected events, or complicated matters, for example in the case of the exponential growth of your organization. This will require an eye for detail and bespoke legal services. 

As a global entrepreneur, it’s important not to underestimate the complexity of the legal system, that you have no experience with yet. There is a lot of interesting legal information available on the internet, and online standard templates might be handy. But when it comes to Burkina Faso law, the devil lies in the details. 

By appointing Burkina Faso to assist in engaging a lawyer in Burkina Faso, you avoid such scenarios, so you can focus on your business.

How can our Burkina Faso lawyers provide you legal help? Simple! We have developed legal products and services that allow us to provide you with a clear timeline, and a fixed fee for our full legal support in a project by engaging a Burkina Faso lawyer and coordinate this engagement on your behalf.

One of the first steps would be to identify your legal problems and to obtain a Legal Opinion on your situation.

Burkina Faso Legal Services

Litigation and Dispute resolution in Burkina Faso

Our network of lawyers in Burkina Faso represent our clients (corporations and individuals) in court as well as in arbitration cases. We understand the complexity of litigation in Burkina Faso and therefore deliver services that will be satisfactory in terms of overall costs, and the time needed to solve the dispute.

Court litigation is considered the last resort to resolve a matter with any of your customers, employees, suppliers or other business parties. It’s our goal to avoid court litigation in Burkina Faso where possible. In several situations, arbitration would be possible to resolve legal matters, such as in the case of solving corporate (disputes within the board (or versus the shareholders, etc.) and commercial matters.

Our Burkina Faso lawyers have years of experience in legal proceedings in Burkina Faso and can assist Burkina Faso corporations with Burkina Faso litigation services and with arbitration and mediation.

From commercial or business disputes, corporate, banking and administrative disputes, or employment litigation, our Burkina Faso lawyers can provide you professional guidance to resolve a legal dispute.

With proper diligence and our aim for alternatives to court litigation whenever possible, we are only focused on the interest of the client, both from an economic and from a legal point of view.

Please contact our litigation lawyers in Burkina Faso for a free consult, or to discuss more information about our Burkina Faso dispute resolution services.

Debt Collection in Burkina Faso

Every company, especially who deals in international business, has to deal with unpaid invoices! It can be hard to claim your money, in markets where you are not familiar with the legal process of debt collection.

Our debt collection lawyers in Burkina Faso can assist you in case you are dealing with an unpaid invoice!

We have years of experience in dealing with debt collections, and Burkina Faso provides a wide range of legal options to freeze your debtors’ assets and start a court case (at relatively low fees). Obviously, our aim is to avoid a court case at all times, but if you have a valid claim on your debtor, the threat of a court case is taken very seriously in Burkina Faso.

Our Burkina Faso lawyers have developed a strategy for debt collection in Burkina Faso, which allows our clients to profit from a low-cost approach, with maximum effect. Kafui & Partners applies a hybrid fee structure, in which we charge a basic setup fee, in combination with a success fee, which will be due only once your debtor has paid its invoice!

In case your debtors do not settle his bill, we will offer a fixed fee for the entire procedure to prepare and finalize a lawsuit before the Burkina Faso courts.

Please contact our Debt collection experts in Burkina Faso to discuss more information about our services to collect your debts.

Mergers & Acquisitions in Burkina Faso

Are you planning to merge, or acquiring an existing business in Burkina Faso? Our Burkina Faso lawyers have experience in legal due diligence services to prepare a takeover or a merge in Burkina Faso.

Aside from the legal due diligence, during which we focus on the current legal position of the target company, we can also assist with the purchase agreement, share transfer, and other corporate restructuring requirements.

We typically never work alone in these projects, and Kafui & Partners relies on its network of esteemed Burkina Faso accountants, Burkina Faso corporate lawyers, and Burkina Faso tax advisers, to bring a merger or an acquisition to a proper end.

Liquidation or Dissolution of a Burkina Faso corporation

You might have entered the Burkina Faso market with the best intentions! And you might not want to hear about this, but most start-ups fail within 5 years, and expanding your company overseas might even be more challenging!

On an annual basis, Kafui & Partners liquidates multiple companies, who have decided to liquidate their company in Burkina Faso, for a variety of reasons. Your Burkina Faso company might have not taken off as projected, or it has gotten into financial difficulties. In any event, you can contact our Burkina Faso lawyers to discuss the options to liquidate or dissolve your Burkina Faso company.

For non-active companies or companies with hardly any assets, the procedure to dissolve a Burkina Faso company is relatively easy. Although upcoming law changes are probably going to make this a bit more complicated.

If you decide to stop your operations in Burkina Faso, it’s very important to consider the proper procedure to dissolve the company, instead of looking away from the entity and simply not spending any attention to it anymore. Once your company is no longer in good standing, you might be liable for fines and any liabilities against the company.

Our network of lawyers can provide your practical solutions to dissolve your Burkina Faso company or liquidate your Burkina Faso company. If need be, we can also assist you in Burkina Faso bankruptcy procedures.

Burkina Faso Real Estate Law

How do you buy real estate in Burkina Faso, as a non-resident citizen? Can you even buy real estate, without being resident in Burkina Faso? Yes, you can! In fact, it’s quite simple, and anyone, and any type of corporation, can become the owner of Burkina Faso real estate. However, to transfer real estate in Burkina Faso, as in most countries, requires the involvement of a notary public, and requires very special attention.

If you are planning to lease out your real estate, you have to consider the city planning, but also the rights of tenants, and how to deal with them (in case of disputes, or before that; when signing a lease agreement), please contact our Burkina Faso lawyers who can help with these matters, including legal audits for real estate development projects,

landlord/tenant agreements and dispute resolutions, mortgage issues as well as legal advice and court representation when a particular real estate matter is brought before the administrative courts (such as building permit refusals, challenging administrative decisions and others).

Tax Advice in Burkina Faso

If you set up a new business in an overseas country, like Burkina Faso, you have to consider all kinds of tax regulations. You want to avoid double taxation, and where possible minimise your tax liabilities. Our Burkina Faso tax lawyers can assist you in this, and provide tax advice for sole proprietorships, to multinational companies.

Two important considerations that most businesses have to deal with are the local substance requirements (where is your company located, based on the applicable (if any) tax treaty? Or, which country is able to tax your company?) and the transfer pricing regulations (how much of your profits can each country tax, how should your margins be divided among the companies involved in delivering the goods or products to your customers).

Our Burkina Faso tax lawyers can assist you with these matters, and many other tax matters. We can provide you with an overview or detailed insight into the Burkina Faso taxation system, and the tax incentives and benefits which are available.

Are you interested to know which tax treaties are currently in place with the Republic of Burkina Faso, and how they work? Or do you have any other tax questions related to the Burkina Faso tax system? Feel free to call our Burkina Faso tax experts for a free consultation!

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What you should consider when working with a Burkina Faso lawyer

Calling an expert for help is typically considered as expensive, but when you deal with Kafui & Partners it’s really not! The question you should ask yourself is if you can really afford not to invest in professional legal help. What could be the costs, if you make any mistake in your corporate structuring or operations?

But make sure to select a Burkina Faso lawyer who can give you a full understanding of the steps to take, and the investments which are required take these steps. Kafui & Partners can help you identify the most suitable advisor and provide you with fixed fees and is focused on managing your expectations by providing you with all the right information before any legal help is provided!

The best piece of (free) advice that we can give you, is to give a call (or schedule a call, so we can call you!) to our Legal Consultants to discuss your situation and requirements. 

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