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Investigation Service


We provide legal and tax experts to assist on all aspects of local and cross-border transactions. We conduct comprehensive appraisals of the business undertaken by prospective buyers, in order to assess the targeted assets as well as related liabilities and evaluate the potential of a deal.

The investigation is a crucial concern that must be embraced in any business setup. Helps individuals to examine and identify facts and meaningful information about an individual or the business enterprise. 

Approaching and dealing with conflicts or disputes requires experience to control and manage them. Some situations are not controllable until legal forms are conducted to investigate the issues and contributors to such issues.

The individual needs to know more about external contributors who are always business competitors who may cause rivalry and opposition in a litigation case. The internal contributor is the immediate surrounding of your business which may involve workers in your company who may plan for fraudulent activities.

Kafui & Partners can be reached to offer surveillance services and collect data concerning employees, regulators, business competitors, or claimants in your company. The data obtained help to gather evidence on the legal act. We also help to investigate your business to uncover crimes committed by the management, employees, and third party.

Kafui & Partners investigation services are rendered based on customer's needs. We target ensuring your company or business is free from wrangles and runs smoothly and within the law.

Other investigative services offered by Kafui & Partners include:

  • Research investigation to gather enough information about companies that are preferable for acquisition and merging, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity and also disclose employee's background information.

  • Corruption investigation to uncover bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage that may affect our client's business operation.

  • Financial investigation to help our clients to identify embezzlement of funds, money laundering, fraud, and other white-collar jobs that may lead to financial constraints in your business.

  • Identification of employee misconduct such as theft, drug abuse, and harassment.

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