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Dispute resolution Services in Togo

Dispute resolution & civil mitigation Services in Togo

Arbitration is becoming more common in Lome, Togo . Formerly shunned by businesses due to a lack of faith in both the timeliness and ability of the courts to achieve proper rulings, ADR has now become a recognized element of the region's dispute settlement package.

With years of expertise working on the most prominent arbitration issues in Togo, we can assist you in navigating this difficult area of law and guarantee that your interests are always safeguarded.

Arbitration decisions made in Togo under OHADA are final, binding, and can be enforced in the rest of West Africa apart from Nigeria. OHADA is an arbitration enforcing institution authorised by the Togo judiciary to preside over all arbitration cases in the region.
Our staff of highly qualified litigation attorneys collectively speaks English and French and has rights of audience in all courts, including those governed by OHADA.

Why Togo Arbitration services are important

Kafui & Partners has built a reputation as one of the leading arbitration firms in Togo, with offices across the country and a rich pool of experience that includes:
Real estate litigation
Commercial litigation
Construction lawsuits
Employment lawsuits
Disputes about insurance and reinsurance
Disputes involving requests for compensation
Litigation involving commercial agency and franchising
Debt collection litigation
Litigation of tenancy conflicts
Maritime issues arbitration
Media arbitration
Financial and banking litigation
Succession and family lawsuits

We try to help you avoid getting into a dispute, but if one does happen, we can help you with everything, including litigation, adjudication, and both local and international arbitration. We will always look out for your best interests because we have full rights in all courts (including the DIFC) and have spent years working on some of the region's most important dispute resolution cases.

Our dispute resolution services in Togo

The attorneys at Kafui & Partners have the experience and ingenuity to settle conflicts promptly and with minimal disruption to their clients' lives. Our litigation specialists handle a variety of conflicts, including business, family, and real estate matters, in addition to professional negligence.
If litigation cannot be avoided, it should be pursued as aggressively as possible with the assistance of a specialist in disputes.

Disputes are a normal part of our life today. Understanding and resolving a dispute in a responsible and business-like manner has never been more crucial. Being involved in a dispute can be a stressful, time-consuming, and costly process, and we help with our clients to minimize this stress.

Our Dispute Resolution team is recognized in legal directories for its experience. We have a track record of effectively representing clients in high-profile, high-stakes, and complicated litigation, especially in times of crisis. We are well-known for representing clients in matters involving significant claims of misconduct and fraud and are adept at adopting prompt, proactive measures, such as dealing with injunctions.

Frequently, our clients wish to maintain a business or personal relationship and prevent the negative publicity that can accompany a disagreement. In such situations, we are able to work with our clients to bypass the courtroom in favor of more practical and cost-effective alternatives, such as mediation or other types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

We recognize that our clients are frequently concerned about the expense of litigation. We will discuss your funding choices and the potential costs associated with each stage of case management. Here you can find additional information regarding litigation funding alternatives.
We serve our customers with litigation skills and strategic counsel. Our colleagues from other practice areas have knowledge in numerous relevant areas, including private client, corporate, employment, criminal, and regulatory challenges, on which we frequently rely.

Who do we advise in Togo?

We advise corporations, shareholders, and other business professionals on commercial issues, as well as individuals who are initiating or fighting litigation. Numerous of these cases have been high-profile and high-stakes, and only a handful have been brought before the High Court.

Our Civil dispute resolution options in Togo include:
1. Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be utilized prior to filing a lawsuit whenever possible. Round table negotiations, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration are some of the alternative dispute resolution processes that can be utilized. There are also other approaches.
If you can avoid a lengthy and complicated trial or the inconvenience of filling out the court documents required to file a civil complaint, you will save time and money.
2. Civil litigation
If alternative dispute resolution is not possible or is ineffective, we may have to file a civil lawsuit to resolve the matter. The legal process isn't easy or quick, but not all cases go to trial, despite what most people think.

How we can help you

Regardless of the basis for a conflict, our civil litigation attorneys recognize that it can be intimidating and unpleasant for all parties involved. We will ensure that you are fully informed of the available options and will support you throughout the entire dispute resolution and litigation process, including:
• Evaluating the strength of your claim and the likely outcomes
• Ensuring that you understand the costs involved and your funding options
• Communicating with the other parties to properly understand the conflict's basis;
• Collecting evidence to support your position;
• Attempting to settle the dispute before going to court

If litigation is required:
• Filing a claim with the relevant court and serving it on the defendant OR filing an intention to defend a claim
• Establishing the timetable for proceedings as determined by the court
• Representing you in court
• Enforcing a judgement in your favor or filing an appeal if required

Why choose Kafui & Partners for dispute resolution in Togo

Exceptional legal knowledge aimed at the best possible outcome
Skilled in all forms of mediation and all levels of court
A balanced, robust approach providing clear, practical guidance at every stage of the process
Knowledgeable in both bringing and defending civil dispute claims
Cost-effective funding advice

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