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Debt Recovery Services

Our dedicated network of advisors and debt recovery experts takes a global view of every matter and sifts through all the commercial and legal implications. They handle amicable negotiations, potential litigation, arbitration, regulatory, and mediation in order to collect the money owned by your creditors.  

Debt recovery is a financial process that helps a creditor to acquire the money borrowed through a third party. The process is also referred to as a collection service which allows the third party to claim for the funds on behalf of the creditor.

For debt recovery services you can reach out to Kafui & Partners who offer the service by collecting the debt on behalf of the creditor by reaching to the debtor whom the debt is to be recovered. Kafui & Partners have a strategized way of collecting the debt and ensuring its recovery. They have a detailed plan on how to approach the second party(the debtor)to ensure repayment of the amount without the involvement of the creditor.

Failure to pay bills can result in difficulties in business operation. To solve the unpaid bills problem, you can reach out to Kafui & Partners who are willing to offer debt recovery services related to unpaid invoices. For a competitive and successful business, it is essential to consider debt recovery.

Our debt recovery professionals will avail themselves and work closely as they provide crucial advice on means of recovering the debt without spending a lot of time and resources in the process.

Kafui & Partners  work with their clients in different sectors helping them to manage their debt portfolios and are in a position to provide a range of debt recovery services which include;

  1. Help the clients to acquire letters of claim and statutory demands issuing legal proceedings.

  2. Assist client’s access and enforce judgments to the debtors

  3. Help in debt collection process without creditors involvement

  4. Responsible for debtor’s trace reports.

  5. Clarify and correct company reports.

  6. We also enforce debts, including bankruptcy and the company winding-up process.

  7. Help in insolvency proceedings.


Kafui & Partners ' debt recovery services aim to benefit our clients in all forms of debt collection within West Africa French-speaking countries.

We ensure all the maximum service is provided to clients from tracing the debtor, pursuing claims through the High court and county courts, we are also responsible for insolvency proceedings and all methods required for charging orders.

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