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Corporate Law
& Incorporation

We assist clients on corporate law matters including branch/company incorporation, M&A, joint ventures, restructuring, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on complex cross-border transactions.  Our integrated team includes experts in antitrust/ competition law, funds and investment management, insurance, private equity, and public policy.

Kafui & Partners assist companies in accessing new markets. We offer services that aim to expand your activities abroad, and we help those who opt to start a business in French-speaking West Africa. Any individual or corporation with such interest should contact us.

The incorporation process includes the writing of the articles of incorporation, indicating the shareholder(s) as well as the location and the name of the business. Incorporation enables your company to legally be distinct from the individual founders of the business. The company will form a separate legal entity dedicated to business transactions. The formed business entity or limited liability (Ltd) changes business appearance from the law and potential customer, shareholders, and management. Incorporation protects individuals’ assets against company liability and also enhances the easy transfer of ownership to other parties interested.

Steps involved in business incorporation process:

  • Identify the country you are interested in incorporating.

  • Identify the business category that suits your business considering your business objectives and reach out to our network of attorneys, accountants, and tax experts.

  • Receive any confidential documents such as legal and tax documents on behalf of your organization and present them to you at stipulated time. 

  • Collect and transfer all business documents required for registration and acquisition of your business, including corporate certificate, payroll tax registration document for employees, sale tax registration for goods to be sold.

It is important to understand the benefits and shortcomings of investing in limited liability companies than other forms of business. For instance, a sole proprietor has to invest a lot of money to establish, launch, and daily run the business. The owner enjoys the profit alone and suffers all the losses incurred alone. It is the responsibility of the owner to look for finances and also cater for any debt in the business. As much as the sole proprietor enjoys the profit, he suffers all the expenses alone. However, when individuals opt to incorporate their business, they will share the losses and profit based on the amount invested by each party. In a limited liability company, one’s assets are not subjected to cater for the business debts and liability. 

For incorporation services, you can request our affordable quality services. Readily available and we file all documents and complete the whole process of creation as soon as possible.

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