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Company Incorporation in Nigeria

How to Register a company in Nigeria

No. 1 Business Registration Service in Nigeria

Company incorporation in Nigeria is the process of legally establishing a company in Nigeria. We provide incorporation services for companies expanding abroad. Are you planning for company incorporation in Nigeria? Kafui & Partners facilitates companies to enter the Nigeria market. From setting up a legal entity, providing administrative service, completing facilitation, mentoring of start-ups and established companies. We are also experienced in developing your business and facilitate entrepreneurs to get familiar with the Nigeria market, find their product-market fit, successfully scale their business in Nigeria, and the rest of Africa.

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24-hour response time

Company formation support all around the clock. Quick responses from our company officers.


We invest in entrepreneurs from Day 1

Starting a business overseas requires a strong local partner. Kafui & Partners is your ideal partner in Nigeria, to launch your business. We offer SMEs and Multinationals dedicated company formation support to access the Nigeria market at fixed fees and low budgets.


Experienced advisors

Our network of legal, financial and tax  advisors is composed of highly experienced professionals specialized in company formation.


The Right Partner, to expand your Business to Nigeria

Are you currently growing your business, and planning for company incorporation in Nigeria? With dozens of company formations, Kafui & Partners is an efficient incorporation agent for you in Nigeria, focused on global entrepreneurs. 


1-week formation time

Do you need to start a company in Nigeria urgently? We can start a business in 1 week!


One-Stop-Shop for your Nigeria market entry

When you start a company in Nigeria, there are several matters to deal with! Kafui & Partners is able to provide you full support, with in-house services. From company formation to residency application, and trademark registration.

Nigeria Company incorporation Packages
  1. Company Formation Package (Quoted upon request)

  • Residency for Foreign Entrepreneurs or Local Representative Recruitment

  • Residency for Relocated Staff

  • Bank Account Opening

  • Articles of Association

  • Liaison with Local Authorities

  • 12-month Virtual Office

2. Company Development Package (Quoted upon request)

  • Contact with Local Partners

  • Business Development

  • Transactional Due Diligence

  • Basic Tax Support

  • Basic Legal Support

3. Intellectual Property Package (Quoted upon request)

  • Legal Opinion on Applicable Local Regulations

  • Trademark Registration

4. Company Management Package (Quoted upon request)

  • Draft correspondence to third parties

  • Get Refunds

  • Staff Recruitment

  • Start-up Mentoring

  • Administrative and Tax Support

  • Draft Employment Agreements

  • Employment termination costs calculation

5. Finance and Tax Package (Quoted upon request)

  • VAT Declarations

  • Payrolling

  • Financial Statements Preparation

  • Financial Supervision and Reporting

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Prepare your Nigeria Business formation with our Support 

You might be planning to start or grow a business in Nigeria, which would require you to obtain a Nigeria VAT number, register as an Employer in Nigeria, and set up a Nigeria Limited company.

Kafui & Partners offers fixed fees & timelines for all required services for newcomers in Nigeria.


The first step to your Nigeria business formation

Are you ready to start your business in Nigeria or are not certain yet which type of legal entity you should use? Request for a free consultation with our Company Officers, using the form below.

Starting a business in Nigeria requires planning & understanding of the procedures and regulations. Kafui & Partners provides clear guidance on how to start a business in Nigeria.

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How we operate

Our Global Entrepreneurship Spirit

Kafui & Partners is a reputable network that has formed dozens of companies in Nigeria. Kafui & Partners’ network comprises some of the most experienced Business Registration experts in Nigeria and the West African region, focused on global entrepreneurs, since 2015. 

Our mission is to facilitate global entrepreneurship for ambitious entrepreneurs by providing a smooth landing in Nigeria. Our focus is on company formation services and business development advice, in which we want to achieve future growth for our clients.

Our tax and legal experts will help you determine the right strategies & corporate structures, while our operational teams offer all corporate services in-house, such as the compliance process to open a bank account, corporate secretarial services, legal assistance, bookkeeping, and accounting. Our challenge is to guide your company towards its first major milestone and ensure your Nigeria company's success. Kafui & Partners is also specialized in NGOs and charitable organizations.
We are always looking for solutions with an independent attitude, enabling entrepreneurs worldwide. With the help of our partners, we stay innovative and adjust our business to ever-changing legislation. To ensure that our network expands in a responsible way, our partners and we maintain high-quality clients through compliance checks.
Kafui & Partners is an innovative solution, reshaping the traditional Corporate Service Industry by providing online consultations and support, and its unique approach. 

Your Business Toolkit

Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit. 

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Nigeria market, regulations, and laws. And will enable you to better understand the many business-related topics.

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Business Registration Service, Nigeria Tax & Accounting rules, and our corporate services. 

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Ready to discuss your needs and thoughts? Contact us and our team will be ready to assist you in your journey to Nigeria.

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