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Real Estate Consulting Service


With an excellent mastery of West African countries' land and property laws and an unparalleled ability to deliver complex deals, our dedicated experts handle the entire property 'life-cycle from the initial acquisition, development, leasing, and financing through to the final exit.

Real estate can be defined as the land, property, building, and air rights above and underground and gifts covered in an area that has been purchased. The buyer is entitled to own and enjoy rights entitled to the premises.

Real estate involves complex procedures and processes in acquisition. Due to the complex procedure involved, Kafui & Partners offer tax and legal services based on experience on matters and processes involved in the acquisition of real estate. We also provide advice to our clients on issues of lease of residential and also non-residential premises.

For an individual to acquire and own real estate, he/she should be aware of the laws involved in the acquisition. Real Estate is wide and entails laws that the owner must familiarise himself with. The scope of legislation can be categorized into four major groups:


  • Residential property: -this is a property where an individual and family can reside and call it home. Residential property is a home that has been constructed specifically for resale. The buyer is entitled to own the property.

  • Commercial property: -as the name suggests, these are real estate constructed specifically for business purposes. They include shopping centers, medical centers, restaurants, administrative offices, and other refreshing areas. They are profit-oriented.

  • Industrial property: - here most of the activities include, processing and manufacturing of products into finished goods. This type of real estate allows activities such as production, research, storage, and distribution of finished products.

  • Vacant land is the land free from the building but is considered real estate. They include working farms, ranches, and open fields. The subcategory within vacant land includes undeveloped land, developed reuse, and site assembly land.

Kafui & Partners aim to provide sufficient services to both the buyers and sellers of real estate. Our main objective is to help our clients acquire quality services without strain and challenges. For Kafui & Partners , we handle the entire process on behalf of our client from the initial process of acquisition, development, leasing, and financing until the last stage. We also offer resale services by helping our clients resale the property. It is our responsibility to reduce the burden of acquisition and the entire life cycle to our clients.

Apart from the above services will also provide professional services to our clients such as pre-transaction analysis services which allow the clients to identify and control risk exposures that might appear during the period of purchasing or selling the property within West Africa French-speaking countries.

In case of any legal hassle, Kafui & Partners offer protection by providing all legal documents needed and ensuring all legal compliances are fulfilled. Kafui & Partners are deemed to provide support in case of construction disputes in court and also negotiate on behalf of their clients before state authority. 

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