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Tips for Hiring Business Formation Attorney in West Africa

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Most businesses in West Africa, big or small, don’t understand the necessity of having a business attorney until it's too late. Corporate organizations are surrounded by many legal issues that require a lawyer's intervention. Such moves are not only money-savers but also time savers as the management can use their time thinking of other issues instead of worrying about litigation and law-related matters.

When an organization in West Africa finally decides to hire a business law attorney, there are many factors of consideration that they may not be aware of. This contributes to the hiring of attorneys who don’t fit the bill or one who is not aligned with the business' litigation needs. To avoid such issues, Kafui & Partners is a law firm that’s created to meet all your business law requirements. We also ensure that all legal issues are catered for and that your business remains on the safe side of the law.

Whether your needs revolve around a small business attorney or business formation attorney, you always want to ensure that you hire the right one. If you are wondering what to look for in your quest for an attorney who can handle your business formation matters, below are pointers to bear in mind:

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Business Formation Attorney

Forming a new business requires a lot of effort and time. Many areas require the help of a business formation attorney. Before embarking on your search for one, you’ll need to make a list of the exact services you need and ensure that the attorney you hire fits the bill. Among these factors are:

  • Type of Business

The first tip for hiring a suitable litigation attorney is to first identify the type of business you seek to form. Some attorneys are well conversant with the formation of small businesses, others do well in big enterprises formation while most can handle both.

By knowing the size and type of business you are planning to set up, you will be able to hire an attorney who is suitable for the mentioned task. Business formation attorneys have specialized in different fields as one could be good at forming a real estate business while another one does best in the field of technology. Visit Kafui & Partners today where we will match you to a business attorney who matches your business formation requirements.

  • Budget

Hiring a business litigation attorney can be a bank-breaking affair or as pocket-friendly as your budget allows. If you are a small business owner who is trying the waters in that business field, what you require is a small business attorney who is equipped with enough knowledge to know what’s best for your business.

  • Type of Tasks Performed

Business formation is an important and crucial step for any business. Most owners prefer to start small then expand later after testing the waters of the market. Whether you are,

  • starting a partnership,

  • sole proprietorship,

  • non-profit organization,

  • any other business entity

you need to look for a business attorney. As pointed out earlier, this is a money-saving tip as you will leave all the work to an expert, instead of navigating through business formation offices or drafting contracts that you don’t have much know-how about.

The foundation of your business will determine its preceding activities and how they’ll be performed thereafter. For example, your initial tax payment setup may remain in use for a long time. The way you start will determine how you'll carry it forward for the rest of the business' life. Because of such reasons, you need a small business attorney who knows their way around the legal system in regards to business formation.

  • Underlying Legal Issues

When choosing the business attorney to hire, you ought to be open about any underlying legal issue whether personal or related to the business. This is because, in a case where the business and owner are considered as a similar entity, your legal problems will affect the organization in the long run. If you are a sole proprietor who owes money to a bank, for example, the stock or money in your shop can be confiscated by your creditors if the court makes such a ruling.

In instances of underlying legal problems connected to the business you wish to form, your business litigation attorney must be made aware of the same. It is their job to figure out how to get you out of the said issues and get your business up and running after all that.

You might be required to hire an attorney who has specialized in more than one legal field, and that is where Kafui & Partners come in. For these and more services, be sure to reach our branches located in different parts of West Africa.

  • Business Objectives and Goals

As a business owner, you already know the long-term goals you want your business to achieve. With this in mind, you must hire a business attorney whose interests align with the organization’s vision. This will enable you to work together as a team, with long-term benefits in mind.

A business formation attorney who is aware of the things your company is designed to achieve at the end of a given period will work smart enough to achieve them, from their legal end. For example, if you plan to close a certain major business deal within two years of running, your attorney should be in the frontline, doing all that’s legally possible to enhance that.

If your business is set to function under minimal liabilities, hire an attorney who is aware of that and one who can make that achievable using the resources availed to them.


Kafui & Partners is a law firm based within West Africa, with a vast capability of helping you achieve your business’s financial goals as you have always pictured them. We are ready to embark on the business formation journey together with you, guiding you on each step.

We are aware of the immense work required to kick-start any business, big and small, which is the reason why we are ready and set to offer you our assistance in whichever way that is required. Contact us today and give your business the legal foundation it deserves.

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