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Employment Consulting Service

Employment Consulting Service


The breadth and depth of our practice permits us to handle all labor and employment needs, including serving as lead trial counsel in complex, high exposure matters, arguing appeals, as well as handling complex collective bargaining.

Employment is an agreement between employer and employee where the employee is entitled to provide service to the employee and the employee pays for the service rendered. The appreciation that an employee gets for the service offered can be termed as salary or wages. Employees are allowed to negotiate the terms with an employer but the employer is entitled to a final decision-maker. Both parties may terminate the contract. If the employee is not satisfied with the salaries and wages is allowed to terminate the contract.

An employment contract is an agreement between two parties where one party offers job services to the other party (employee) who is entitled to work as per the terms of the agreement. The agreement can be verbal, offer letter, or written email. 

Employment is essential to both employees and corporations. There is mutual benefit for both parties. Fundamental issues involved include the commercial objectives and normative considerations.

Kafui & Partners strive to help our clients on how to embrace working in a positive environment. We help both employment parties whether local or foreign in West Africa French-speaking countries in the following areas:

Employment contract. We help our clients with legal advisory when forming an employment contract. Kafui & Partners assist in the preparation, review, and documentation of employment contracts. We aim at shaping human resource policies that bring balance to commercial objectives and individual rights and interests for both employers and employees.

Employment disputes. There must be conflict in any setup of a business. When the parties find themselves in conflict it is prudent to solve as early as possible to avoid destroying the organization's reputation. It is important to understand applicable laws during such moments. Kafui & Partners recognize empathy, and we work to ensure effective and efficient advice is offered to the clients including private companies, directors, and employees on employment issues such as breach of contract, wrongful dismal, and also a breach of fiduciary duties.

Workforce and employment termination. When the parties decide to terminate the contract due to uncertainty such as the global economy it is prudent for a business to restructure its workforce for them to remain competitive. There is a need to evaluate business strategies and also reshuffling the employees and entire management to increase the business output.

Kafui & Partners provide legal advice to our clients on means of improving the business workforce and help to resolve the disputes among the parties involved. Our advice aims to grant clients confidence and different tactics on how to avoid disputes and also to adapt to the constant market needs shift.

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