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Debt Collection in Senegal

Debt Collection Service in Senegal

Our Debt Collection Approach in Senegal

Kafui & Partners collaborate with Senegal's most effective debt collection specialists.
We know how debtors operate. We recognize that debtors do not pay for one of two reasons. They either can't or won't. We rapidly determine which category they belong in and modify our approach accordingly.

We take a proactive approach to debt collection in Senegal and proceed with the necessary actions to ensure that our clients are paid diligently. We also have extensive expertise in litigation techniques and processes to guarantee that your case moves through the court system in Senegal promptly and efficiently.

​Debt Recovery Strategies in Senegal

A continuous and dependable cash flow is essential to the operation of a firm in Senegal. However, clients will occasionally fail to make timely payments for a variety of reasons that are typically beyond the control of creditors. This is why we are committed to assisting creditors in recovering delinquent payments and enforcing security alternatives as promptly and effectively as feasible.

There are numerous debt collecting methods. One size does not necessarily fit everyone. There are frequently alternative ways to get money, each with varying prices and repercussions. We are dedicated to working with creditors to comprehend their objectives which can be wider than simply debt collection. For example, also maintaining important commercial relationships. We will also assist creditors in being proactive about the situation so there is either no "next time" or, if there is, the creditor is better positioned to deal with it.

Why Senegal debt collection services pays off?

The most effective method for collecting accounts receivable is to ensure that bills are paid quickly. Although this may sound overly simplistic, the simplest method to ensure that debtors pay is to have solid trade/engagement conditions in place.

For instance, the finest terms and conditions will include:
• The ability to recover debt collection in Senegal and attorney fees incurred when attempting to collect a delinquent obligation.
• Interest on all delinquent debts
• A security interest in the assets or property.
• A personal guarantee from the debtor's executive officer.

We are results-oriented, and the best outcomes we achieve are for clients whose terms include those listed above. This is because we can frequently recover the loan and add our costs to it.

Many of our clients also enjoy our Fixed Cost Debt Recovery services.

The typical legal services that Kafui & Partners has to offer in Senegal are:
Drafting, or checking of;
•    Articles of Association
•    Business/Trading Agreements
•    Rental Agreement
•    Real Estate Purchase Agreement
•    Shares Purchase Agreement
•    Shareholders Agreement
•    Brand/Trademark Registration
•    Debt Collection in Senegal
•    Apply for Business Licenses

Team Brainstorm

Debt Collection: What We Do

We are able to help with the following:
• Writing the demand letters
• Preparing and filing court documents.
• Identifying the most effective strategic solution for enforcing security.
• Enforcement of contractual assurances

Please visit Our People page to learn more about who we are, our experience, and how we may assist you.

Using legal services is typically considered expensive, but it’s really not! The question you should ask if you can really afford not to invest in professional legal support. 

Using online templates, or online legal information can be quite tricky because each situation is unique. A Senegalese lawyer can provide you with valuable input that potentially saves you a lot of money (for example, in the case of claims).

To make life (or business in this case) even easier, Kafui & Partners provides basic legal consulting services as part of its basic Company Officer services. This means you can contact your Company Officer to discuss any of the topics mentioned on this page.

Should your request be too complicated, and not fit within the standard service, our legal team will provide you a fixed fee for our services in advance. This way you never have to deal with any unexpected fees afterward. 

The best piece of (free) advice that we can give you, is to give a call (or schedule a call, so we can call you!) to our Legal Consultants to discuss your situation and requirements.

Get in touch with us !

Ready to discuss your needs and thoughts? Contact us and our Law firm team will be ready to assist you in your journey to Senegal.

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