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Capital Market


Our network of lawyers covers the whole spectrum of capital markets work including debt and equity transactions, structured debt, high yield, and trusts. We assist major market participants including leading financial institutions, corporations, governments, and supranational organizations across West Africa.

A capital market is a market where buyers and sellers trade for financial securities only. These financial securities include; bonds and stocks. This market involves the primary market where security is issued and the secondary market where issued securities are sold.

Both equity and debt instruments such as equity shares, preference shares, debentures, zero-coupon bonds, secured premium notes, and the like are purchased, sold, and can be borrowed to individuals.

Kafui & partners advise on financial security helping their clients to understand the long-term and short-term bonds and interest rate charges for any financial instrument issued. We assist our clients to understand funds that are made available for individuals, businesses, private sectors, and government parastatals. 

Functions of capital market

  • The capital market enhances the valuation of financial instruments such as shares and debentures.

  • The market offers insurance against price risks through derivative trading

  • Mobilizes saving to finance long-term investment for instance issuing debentures and other long-term debts.

  • Encourages and facilitates financial security trade.

  • Allows ownership of a wide range of productive securities.

  • Minimizes transaction and other financial costs that might be incurred.

  • Facilitates transaction settlement as per definite schedule.

  • Encourage a wide range of ownership of productive assets

Kafui & partners offer services in all public offerings which include initial, secondary, and dual public services on both regulated and non-regulated markets, both within the West Africa French-speaking language.

As a law firm and investment advisors, we are entitled to gain insight into the regulation and process of the international capital market and financial services. We are knowledgeable of the local securities laws and often interact with competent Cypriot regulators and authorities that provide efficient turn-around of Cyprus -related working any cross-border transaction and enhance the support given to clients.

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