Due Diligence and Investigation Services 

Better information equals better decisions.

We have saved millions for our clients by identifying unknown risks and applying solutions to mitigate or hedge those risks. We provide comprehensive consulting services tied to growing, buying, or selling small and mid-sized businesses, in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Togo, and Senegal.

We help clients like you mitigate risk, make the best well-informed decisions, and take your business to the next level by accessing the West African market. From starting, growing, to selling your company, let us empower your business to success.

Problem Solved
We find answers and information that the other “experts” could not. Fluency in English and French, innovation, flexibility, and understanding of a global marketplace are key. But what is really powerful is both knowing global marketplaces and having extensive networks with local feet on the ground. That ensures the best information, in a timely manner.

We know that trying to leverage the same solution for the same problem for all circumstances as – well silly. Solutions differ between regions, cultures, industries, available technology, managerial skill sets, need we go on? Solutions must be appropriate to all of the opportunities and constraints of the problem’s environments. It is what we call appropriate solutions – not “the solution” as there is no such thing.

More than just solutions, we believe results matter not answers and that great service is key to making everything come together. Through this obsession with great service, we consider it our responsibility to constantly remind the world what great service means. Our clients know the feeling of being cared for and know we know how to deliver success.

Risk Management

Ships were not built to sit in the harbor. They were built to assume risks. Assuming risks you know about and are comfortable with is one thing, but assuming unknown risks is not. We work with our clients to find all risk from elephants to termites and work with out clients to devise risk management choices.

Factual Due Diligence

It is about knowing who is the fox and who is the hare, and it is often a surprise to both. Due diligence is about making fully informed decisions not from paper trails but from facts. We help you discernment the paper facts from the real facts.


For complex investigations resulting from; insurance claims, fraud, intellectual property, and commercial litigation we are here to support your information needs/ We have assisted clients with investigations across French-speaking West Africa. 

Ready to advise you

The idea consultant trait is that of being a good listener and possessing deep expertise in the desired field. No consultant has all of the answers to all of the problems but in their field, they must be insightful and a top problem solver who can be deployed to support the client.


Where the Business Will Be Operated

This should be considered before starting the business. Most profitable business activities will need permits and licenses. Of course, the details vary depending upon what state the business is being started in – but you will need to check local laws to determine whether you need a permit. It is very important that your new business is not started or built until the necessary permits are obtained.

In cases where businesses are being built physically, local authorities may reserve the right to have the building removed if the necessary permits are not obtained. In case you wish to operate under a parent company with headquarters abroad, you may need to establish a local business and obtain the necessary local license to operate.

Business Licenses

Depending upon the nature of your business, you may need to seek state business licenses. The business license gives the business permission to operate within the jurisdiction. State business licenses are required for those companies which provide products or services governed by specific laws.

It’s important to check and see which business licenses are required in your specific case.


Permits are required in order to ensure that the business is following specific ordinances regarding safety and appearance within the country. For instance, restaurants and other places dealing with food and drinks would be required to have a health permit. Import-Export companies which purchase items at wholesale price and resell them for profit are required to have a permit.

Any business that plans to build a physical building for their company will most likely be required to have a building permit. Similarly, there are certain zones within cities and towns that govern where commercial, residential and industrial businesses can be. It’s important to be sure your location is properly zoned for your business and you may need specific permits.

By obtaining the proper licenses and permits, your new company can be assured that it is operating within the parameters of the law and that it is considered legal and valid in the country.

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